Family Resources

Parenting is tough.

It just so happens that’s our specialty.

CEDARS is here to help you get your family back on track.

We want you to know we understand. You’re not alone. We get it.

We’ve been taking care of kids and supporting parents for 70 years. We’d love to talk with you about how we can help. We work with families with children at all stages; from pregnancy through the teenage years. We’ve got the resources and education to get you back to being a family.

Every child is unique. So is every family. Sometimes we lose sight of how this diversity can be a source of strength. Instead, we argue, fight, lose control. Let’s take some of that pressure off. Our team knows how to walk alongside parents and kids alike to help identify and achieve goals, find resources and build relationships.

What families are saying about the support they received

  • "CEDARS explained how to take care of my baby—any myself!"

  • "With CEDARS I was always able to speak freely and always had help. Even in the hardest times I felt I had someone to go to."

  • "CEDARS gave me strength to support my teen."

Give us a call at 402-436-5437. Talk to you soon!

"Supporting families, no matter where they are in life is crucial. Together we can change lives." Read the interview.

Our practical guide on what to look for in an ebook to give your child the best learning experience.