Part-time Tracker/Family Support Specialist, CEDARS Tracker/Family Support Services (Lincoln, NE)

Tracker and Family Support Services provide home, school, and community-based support to children, youth, and families to improve well-being and family functioning to facilitate positive, productive, and engaged relationships in the home, at school, and with the community.  Services aim to build on child, youth, and family strengths to address needs and risks while empowering them to make appropriate adjustments and improvements to direct their own lives, use community resources more effectively, and become less dependent on service providers. The Tracker/Family Support Specialist is responsible for helping children, youth, and/or families gain the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to successfully achieve the goals identified with the referral for service from the Department of Health and Human Services, PromiseShip, or Juvenile Probation. The Support Specialist will assist with an array of needs and competencies utilizing a Wraparound approach with the goal of diminishing negative behaviors, teaching and modeling new skills, improving child, youth, and family well-being, and improving family interactions.  Service coordination and the ability to work collaboratively with schools and other service providers is necessary to ensure consistent and ongoing efforts and progress.  The Support Specialist will supervise visitation for families, and may also be responsible for youth court-ordered to be supervised by an electronic monitoring device. Bachelor's degree from an accredited college is required; two years of experience working with youth involved in the Juvenile Justice System and their families is preferred. A valid driver's license with a good driving record is required. Tracker Schedule: Friday’s 9am-5pm  Family Support Schedule: Flexible 10-15 hours with nights and weekends


As a Family Support Specialist, Tia uses her passion for helping others to walk alongside families as they learn to connect and grow.

Dylan supports CEDARS foster families. In this interview he tells us a little about what that’s like!

Juan is a Skill Builder in the CEDARS Pioneers Center, which is the only emergency shelter for youth in Southeast Nebraska.