News at CEDARS

Now is the time that parents and kids alike are thinking about going back to school. It can be exciting, scary, confusing, cause for worry or joy. But for some kids, who are unable to live at home, it can be a cause to feel more difficult emotions as they see their peers getting ready to learn and they feel left behind.

Children who observe their parents exhibiting positive social connections can learn how to build supportive relationships with peers.

Brian and Karren believe that it wasn’t any special quality that allowed them to make a difference for children, but it was the conscious decision to open their hearts and home.

"We do this kind of work because we truly care and want to make a positive difference for the youth who are at risk."

9. I love you exactly the way you are.

"Being able to build such a strong relationship where the client felt comfortable reaching out to me even after she was not at CEDARS shows the impact of the small amount of time we have with clients while they are in our care."