News at CEDARS

"In my role, if I can help prevent abuse and neglect by offering parenting education, resources, or simply showing a family that someone does care, then perhaps we can keep children in their homes with their families, safely."

When we met Alana a few years ago, she had just found out she was pregnant and didn’t have any adults in her life she could turn to for support.

It's not too early to begin "baby-proofing" even before you bring your baby home. Changes can happen quickly, before you even realize what your baby is capable of getting into.

Many new parents have questions about safe sleeping practices for their new baby. Even experienced parents could use a refresher from time to time, especially if they’re given conflicting advice from friends and family members.

This first-class event is the premier fundraiser for women helping children in our community and tickets are highly desired. The event is a sellout every year.

Now is the time that parents and kids alike are thinking about going back to school. It can be exciting, scary, confusing, cause for worry or joy. But for some kids, who are unable to live at home, it can be a cause to feel more difficult emotions as they see their peers getting ready to learn and they feel left behind.