CEDARS Foster Care Staff Directory

To contact a member of the CEDARS Foster Care staff during non-office hours, please call 402-560-6571.

To read a short bio on each of the Foster Care staff members, click here.

Michaela Young, Service Area Administrator: 402-437-8870 or Email Michaela
Jodi Hitchler, Program Manager: 402-429-6755 or Email Jodi
Mindy Parker, Assistant Program Manager: 402-904-3255 or Email Mindy
Adrianne Poppe, Foster Care Recruiter: 402-890-1403 or Email Adrianne

Pete Dennis: 402-890-6521
Kassandra Diessner: 402-560-7835
Stacy Frank: 402-802-8238
Beth Griess: 402-730-0078
Nicole Horlsey: 402-730-0064
Maggie Jensen: 402-570-7301
Sarah Jones: 402-770-4911
Whitney Lindsay: 402-202-1656
Jennifer Loschen: 402-202-6073
Dan Metzler: 402-890-1276
Amy Montgomery: 402-560-7833
Susie Niemoth: 402-730-1895
Brittany Slater: 402-802-8646
Jennifer Tran: 402-730-0905
Nicole Wurtele: 402-580-4962

Fax: 402-437-8944