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There is no typical CEDARS foster family. Our foster families include parents with children at home, single adults, couples hoping to adopt, and empty nesters. To help, all you need is a stable home, an open heart, and a willingness to reach out to a child in need.

Every foster family is unique. The CEDARS foster care team works closely with our foster families to determine the best placement for them. Some families prefer fostering infants, while others enjoy helping teens or siblings, who can be more independent. At CEDARS, we are committed to providing our foster children and foster families the best experience possible.

When you choose to become a CEDARS foster parent, you offer safety and security to a child removed from a home in crisis. As you welcome this new youth into your family, you may notice your family changing. It takes time to get to know the new member of your household. You may wonder how everyone will adjust.

CEDARS is here to help. Often, everyone adapts naturally. Other times, it takes a bit more conscious effort. With assistance from CEDARS staff in negotiating the network of professionals involved, you will overcome the challenges — and uncover rich rewards as you see your foster son or daughter begin to relax and grow in your home.

Children come into foster care for a variety of reasons. They may come at 4 am, or their arrival may be well planned in advance. They may have short-term plans for care or long-term, some may even need a permanent home through adoption. CEDARS Foster Families provide many types of care to cover the needs of the children including: Kinship or Relative Care; Traditional Foster Care; Respite Care; and FosAdpot.

Ultimately, CEDARS' goal is to either safely reunite children in our care with their families or find a permanent new home for them. As a foster parent, you give a child stability and room to grow as an individual. Each year, the CEDARS foster care team helps over 465 foster children flourish in out-of-home care.

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To learn more about becoming a foster parent, please call 402-434-5437 or email Adrianne.

Frequently Asked Questions About Becoming a Foster Parent