Family Specialist, CEDARS Family Support Services

Family Support Services include skill building, parenting time and drug and alcohol testing. Family Supoort Services facilitates parent participation in child-directed interactions, use of positive social praise and introduction of parent-directed activities including daily living activities of parenting. Family Support Services emphasize areas such as social and relationship skills and use of appropriate coping skills to manage his/her behavior. Family Support Services provides the supervision required to control and manage safety concerns indentified by DHHS. Family Support staff are put in place with the children in the home of their biological parents and also when children have been placed outside of the biological home in foster care. The Family Specialist is responsible for supervising visitation for families referred to ensure the safety and well-being of the child during visits. Family Specialists will observe and document circumstances of the visits being supervised. Staff will also provide necessary intervention during a visit if the safety of the child is in question. Family Specialists work as part of the overall family team and assist the family with options for positive interaction and parenting information. Family Specialists provide transportation in accordance with the referrals received. Bachelor's degree in counseling, social work or closely related field and two years of experience in human services working with youth and families are required. This position also requires a valid driver's license with a good driving record. Schedule: Full-time flexible; evenings and weekends are required.