Tracker/Electronic Monitor, CEDARS Tracker/Electronic Monitor Program

The Tracker/Electronic Monitor Program provides community-based programming which addresses issues of delinquency while allowing youth to remain in the community. CEDARS Tracker/Electronic Monitor Program is an intensive one-on-one service providing supervision and support to juvenile offenders through the development of a mentoring relationship with a positive role model. In addition, the Tracker/EM will be responsible for supervising and managing youth who are court ordered to be supervised by an electronic monitoring devise. The Tracker/EM will carry out specific service plans as developed by the authorizing agency and will assist with monitoring the achievement of goals for youth through services provided in the home. The purpose of Tracker/Electronic Monitor services is to prevent out-of-home placements. Tracker/Electronic Monitor services also serve to prevent adolescents from further involvement in the Juvenile Justice System. Bachelor's degree in criminal justice, social work or closely related field and at least two years of experience working with at-risk youth are required. Knowledge of the criminal justice system and human service organizations is necessary. This position requires a valid driver's license with a good driving record. Schedule: 40hrs a week; flexible schedule to work evenings and weekends to accomodate youth and their families.