Why Give to CEDARS?

You can help kids in crisis and build strong families.

When parents struggle and families become fragile, it is the children that often pay the highest price. Job loss, financial stress, illness, drug use, or violence in the home can lead to terrible situations of neglect or even abuse of children.

But you can change that pattern.

When you donate, you give hope to children who often feel hopeless. With your help, CEDARS can provide children with safe shelter, healing, and an opportunity to find an enduring family relationship.

Last year alone, CEDARS children received help in a variety of ways:

  • 2,790 children received direct services to protect them from harm.

  • Children received 100,237 nights of safe shelter when in crisis.

  • 870 contacts with homeless youth on the streets by our team of workers.

  • 347 children received early childhood education and afterschool care designed to help them grow physically and intellectually.

CEDARS respects our donors’ generosity. We are careful to use your gifts sensibly. In the last fiscal year, 90 cents of every dollar you donated provided services for our children. Only 10 cents of that dollar supported fundraising and administrative costs.

CEDARS has been recognized by the American Institute on Philanthropy and the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance for financial and organizational accountability. When you donate to CEDARS, you can trust that we’ll invest your resources wisely.