• You might have heard about fostering a child and wondered if it was for you. Keep reading to find out why fostering is such an important role and how it can change lives for the better.

  • Not only was Asa one of the founding members of the CEDARS organization, but he served as Executive Director of the Home for thirty-eight years, from its founding until his retirement at age 85.

  • As a member of our Foster Care Team, Megan says that helping foster families is fulfilling. Read the interview.

  • Every month over 200 children in need of safety are welcomed into our loving foster homes. Anna was one of those children.

  • Every donation you make now through May 18th helps CEDARS even more because we will also receive a proportional share of a $350,000 challenge match fund.

  • Marie thought she was too busy, but made time to get involved when she heard children needed her help. Read her inspiring story.