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At CEDARS, we recognize the value of everyone’s contributions in helping children find safe and enduring family relationships. The talent, passion, and dedication that each employee brings to our efforts increase our ability to succeed... Read more

Make a Daily Difference

The personal care items that all of us use every day are crucial to our kids. But supplies run short. When the kids return to their families or join new foster families, they take such items with them. That’s when we need more for the new youth arriving at our doors. Help us with our Wish List.

Become a Foster Parent

There is no typical CEDARS foster family. To help, all you need is a stable home, an open heart, and a willingness to reach out to a child in need. Now's the time. Kid's are waiting.

News, Events, and Information

  • You might have heard about fostering a child and wondered if it was for you. Keep reading to find out why fostering is such an important role and how it can change lives for the better.

  • Not only was Asa one of the founding members of the CEDARS organization, but he served as Executive Director of the Home for thirty-eight years, from its founding until his retirement at age 85.